When Art Meets Automobile

Since their inception, cars have captivated artists. Cars have been featured in studios and galleries worldwide as objects of love, hate, and even as a fetish. And, more often than not, this is because artists are self-proclaimed fans of the art they create.

With Web3 being a powerhouse of revolution, art has taken a whole new direction. NFTs are the new canvases auctioned and sold off on digital marketplaces within seconds. Artists genuinely have a new way of expressing themselves, and the sky’s the limit.

Traditional artists like Phillipe Pasqua have taken the NFT route with beautiful collections that have been sold out in seconds. Philippe Pasqua is a modern French painter, sculptor, and draughtsman recognized for his paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

He is a self-taught artist well renowned for his Portrait paintings and is regarded as one of his generation’s greatest painters. Phillipe has had two collection drops on his website, both of which sold out in minutes.

“Vanity by Philippe” was his debut collection, a collection of the most beautiful human skulls; it was an instant hit. Those are now very expensive, ranging from 3 to 7 ETH.

The second collection was no exception—a magnificent combination of 8 rare numbered images of living butterflies landing on a human skull covered in paint, hence the name Papillon (French for “butterfly”). The collection took off with a floor price of 2.2 ETH.

Phillipe is back with another beautiful collection that is a fantastic investment and a massive potential for participants to win something exciting after two considerable successes.

Philippe Pasqua’s third collection is titled WEN? A Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, coated in Hermès leather and tattooed by Philippe Pasqua, will be given away free to the owner of this fantastic collection. During a private sale at the Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo in 2014, the Lamborghini was sold for over 800 000 dollars (605 295 dollars minus costs). This Lamborghini was created to be fixed on a wall, positioning it right between a relief painting and a mural sculpture.

It’s a Lamborghini, to be precise!! It’s not just any Lambo; it’s one that Phillipe himself has tattooed; the design is based on his general aesthetic, and owning one would be a dream come true!

There will be 222 NFTs for the third collection. 5 NFTs of the third collection will be given away to the holders of the first and second collections.

Not only that, but those who hold all three collections will receive a framed Philippe Pasqua lithograph. Each NFT is basically a Golden Ticket for Philippe Pasqua’s planned Funny Death Maze, a physical and virtual maze.

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