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The Optimism hacker sent 1 million tokens to Vitalik Buterin and he made away with 20 million tokens after an administrative error from last week so let’s read more today in our latest blockchain news.

The Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution Optimism hacker sent 1 million tokens to the Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin while he stole another 19 million after the launch partner Wintermute transferred the tokens to the wrong account. The hacker now made their next move and sent a million of the stolen tokens to Buterin’s wallet.

The OP tokens are the native tokens of the Optimism new DAO, the Optimism Collective DAO. These are governance tokens to allow members to vote on decisions. Optimism intended to distribute the 20 million OP tokens to Optimism Collecitvie stakeholders and continue the token’s launch process. However, the market maker Wintermute accidentally sent the tokens last week to an inaccessible account which the hacker infiltrated and stole 20 million tokens. After getting away with the hack worth $35 million, the hacker sold off a million tokens to the ETH and went silent for more than a week.

Vitalik Buterin

Wintermute, Optimism, and Twitter speculated what the hackers’ motives were. Wintermute held on to hope in the blog post that the hack may have been a white hat or simply a benevolent operation was given the fact that the hacker retained most of the tokens. They threatened the hacker with the wrath of law enforcement if the remaining tokens are not returned. The hacker continues to befuddle the onlookers with the next move which is sending a million tokens to the etheruem founder Vitalik Buterin. the rest of the tokens are still remaining in the hacker’s wallet.

The motive for moving like this is unclear and does little to clarify the attack’s purpose. In the past, users sent tokens to Buterin’s wallet for many reasons, and last year we even saw the developers of the Shiba Inu token send $8 billion worth of crypto to Buterin’s wallet as a strategic move to remove the token’s supply from the circulation. Buterin burned 90% of the tokens and donated the rest to Covid charities. It now seems however that Optimism and Witnermute have no choice but to wait for the next move of the hacker.

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