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BTC and ETH are holding their ground while Flow rallies.

The USD 23,500 resistance is still difficult for the price of Bitcoin to overcome.

Ethereum is unable to move above USD 1,680, and XRP is aiming for USD 0.388.

The current top performer is FLOW, who apparently rallies.

Before climbing back above the USD 23,000 mark once more, the price of Bitcoin spiked lower but held above the USD 22,500 support. It is trading close to USD 23,180 at this time (04:00 UTC), almost unchanged from yesterday, and down 3% from the previous week.

The majority of significant altcoins are also attempting a new increase. If there is a clear move above USD 1,680, ETH may start to trend upward. Above the pivot zone of USD 0.50, ADA is stable.

It really is good news that BTC and ETH are holding their ground, while Flow rallies.

The price of Bitcoin

After testing the USD 22,500 support, the price of Bitcoin began to rise again. BTC is progressing well after rising above the USD 23,000 resistance level. Near the USD 23,380 level, there is immediate resistance to the upside. The main barrier is still located close to the USD 23,500 mark. A stronger increase might start if there is a clear move above the USD 23,500 resistance area.

USD 23,000 serves as quick support on the downside. Below USD 22,500, where the price may accelerate lower in the ensuing sessions, is the next significant support.

The price of Ethereum

Below the USD 1,600 mark, the price of Ethereum also experienced a downward reaction. But ETH managed to hold above the USD 1,650 support. The price is currently increasing and trading close to $1,660. ETH is up almost 1% in a single day and down 4% in a single week. The next significant resistance is near USD 1,680, above which the price may gain bullish momentum. In this situation, the cost might increase to USD 1,750.

On the downside, preliminary support is located close to the $1,600 mark. The next major support is near USD 1,550, below which the price may continue to fall.

Price of ADA, BNB, and SOL

Above the USD 0.50 support level, Cardano (ADA) remained steady. The price may rise and test the USD 0.52 resistance if there is a new increase. The main barrier is located close to USD 0.55.

BNB has increased by more than 2%, and there has been a noticeable rise above the USD 305 resistance. Price has even surpassed USD 312 and may continue to rise toward USD 320.

The USD 40 support is still a point of consolidation for Solana (SOL). In the near future, the price might rise steadily if a close is made above the USD 40 and USD 40.50 levels.

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Ethereum News – Cryptocurrency News | Bitcoin News | Cryptonews | DC

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