Bitcoin price ‘easily’ due to hit $2M in six years — Larry LepardCointelegraph By William News

Current BTC price is nearing the level where Lepard will “back up the truck,” with the asset manager eyeing 100X gains. NewsRead More Read more »

Interpol reportedly creates dedicated unit to fight crypto crimesCointelegraph By Helen News

Law enforcement agencies are “very often” not properly trained or equipped to track crypto crimes, Interpol secretary general Jürgen Stock said. NewsRead More Read more »

Ethereum solo validators that censor blocks should ‘be tolerated’ — ButerinCointelegraph By Ana Paula News

Speaking about a hypothetical scenario, the Ethereum co-founder said censorship should be tolerated depending on the case. NewsRead More Read more »

EU Commissioner urges lawmakers to hurry up with crypto regulationsCointelegraph By David News

During her visit to the United States, the official highlighted the importance of a truly global regulatory effort. NewsRead More Read more »

Ripple wants to bring Ethereum smart contracts to the XRP LedgerCointelegraph By Brayden News

The EVM-compatible XRP Ledger sidechain is set to undergo its second phase in early 2023 — which will make the chain permissionless and improve scalability. NewsRead More Read more »

‘Performing as expected’ — Aptos Labs defends day 1 criticismCointelegraph By Jesse News

Aptos’ blockchain claims to handle three times the amount of transactions per second than Solana but day one of its launch saw the network transacting a much lower amount. NewsRead More Read more »

Bitcoin, space travel and TikTok debut in Guinness World RecordsCointelegraph By Brian News

The latest edition has included a host of achievements from “Cryptomania” including the record CryptoPunk NFT sale and El Salvador becoming the first country to adopt BTC as legal Tender. NewsRead... Read more »

3AC liquidators seek ‘alternative means’ to subpoena missing foundersCointelegraph By Stephen News

Advisory firm Teneo argued that standard methods to contact the Three Arrows Capital founders have failed, and is now looking for other ways to subpoena them. NewsRead More Read more »

‘Not even a single TX has been censored on ETH’ — Cyber Capital founderCointelegraph By Brayden News

Bons noted that even with 50% OFAC compliance among Ethereum validators, blocks will still be produced within 30 seconds. NewsRead More Read more »

Mango Markets exploiter said actions were ‘legal,’ but was it?Cointelegraph By Jesse News

A crypto lawyer believes the Mango Markets exploiter Avraham Eisenberg could still face consequences despite users supposedly agreeing not to pursue legal action. NewsRead More Read more »