China’s Digital Yuan Will Utilize Smart Contracts

[ad_1] Key Takeaways The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) stated in a new whitepaper that it is using smart contracts for its digital Yuan or e-CNY. Smart contracts supported by e-CNY will... Read more »

BIS, IMF, World Bank Planning for Interoperable CBDCs

[ad_1] Share this article A joint committee of the BIS Innovation Hub, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank has proposed keeping interoperability in mind while designing central bank digital... Read more »

$5M in Ethereum Lost in THORChain Exploit

[ad_1] Key Takeaways THORChain has suffered an exploit on Chaosnet, resulting in losses of roughly $5 million for ETH liquidity providers. The THORChain team said that an attacker tricked the network’s Bifröst... Read more »

S&P Dow Jones Grows Crypto Inventory with New Indices

[ad_1] Share this article S&P Dow Jones Indices has doubled down on its crypto play. The data provider has launched five new crypto indices.  S&P Dow Jones Adds Five New Crypto Indices... Read more »

SHIB vs. DOGE – Which One Is The Top Dog?

The cryptocurrencies dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB) have made huge gains in 2021. In fact, both of these digital assets have outshined a great number of cryptos as far as percentage... Read more »

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Suggest Crypto Investors to Buy the Dip

Famous author and investor Robert Kiyosaki has once again pushed for investors to buy bitcoin now that the price of the cryptocurrency has fallen sharply from its record highs. He sees the... Read more »

Ethereum Crosses $2,000, Setting a New All-Time High

[ad_1] Key Takeaways ETH has hit a new all-time high price above $2,000. The second-ranked crypto has led the market’s price rally along with Bitcoin over recent weeks. Ethereum is currently the... Read more »

JP Morgan Backs 1% Bitcoin Allocation, Suggests Uncorrelated Hedge

[ad_1] Key Takeaways In a note to investors, JP Morgan strategists said that a 1% allocation in BTC can improve portfolio effeciency. The firm continues to frame the asset as an off-risk,... Read more »

Digital Artist Bags $900,000 From Banksy Style NFTs

[ad_1] Key Takeaways A digital artist has made over 447 ETH from selling NFTs depicting a similar style to Banksy. The artist is using the moniker “Pest Supply” and appears to have... Read more »

FTX Traders Can Now Short the Pandemic, Long the Olympics

[ad_1] Key Takeaways Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX Exchange has introduced a new futures contract called OLY2021 The futures contract will let traders speculate on whether the Tokyo Olympics will happen this year... Read more »